Knife sharpening

Nothing works nicer than a freshly sharpened, razor-sharp knife. Whether you are a professional chef or just enjoy cooking at home, a nicely honed edge will save you time, and effort and is safer to use.

Most sharpening services charge per centimeter, I find this cumbersome so I just charge a fixed fee per knife (up to 23cm). All sharpening can be done on appointment and takes as little as 2 minutes per knife so you can drink a cup of coffee or tea while your blades get back in top condition. Another option is to ship me the knives and I will sharpen them and send them back to you! besides sharpening, I also do repair work and restorations, see the list below for indications of prices. If you have any questions or custom orders, please contact me for a quote and possibilities.

  • Knife sharpening: €4
  • Axe/Lawnmowerblade/big knife sharpening: €6
  • Scratch removal: starting at €3
  • Polishing handle: starting at €2
  • Broken tip repair: €5
  • Restoring big chips in the blade: €4
  • New handle: starting at €45