Smithing courses

Ever wanted to forge your own bottle-opener, make your own knife without all the fuss of buying expensive equipment or would you love to but don’t know where to start? Sign up for one of the smithing courses today and experience the feeling of moving hot steel under your hammer, creating unique pieces of functional art.

There are several courses to choose from and if you do not find the one for you on this page, let me know and we can probably arrange the one just for you. from the basic survival knife all the way up to the most beautiful Damascus chef knives, together we can make it happen!

Each course starts with a basic walkthrough of the shop, learning about the tools and how to properly use them. personal safety is also covered. make sure you don’t wear any inflammable clothing and sturdy (preferably safety) shoes. lunch is not included so bring some food. tea and coffee are included though.

Group discounts are available on all but the Damascus classes. Inquire through email about the terms and services

Hunting/survival knife


  • design your knife
  • forging the knife blade
  • hardening&tempering
  • making the handle

This one-day course is an all-in-one experience taking you through all the steps in making a fully functional knife. The choice of different types of wood can be upgraded to epoxy-enhanced handle materials at extra cost.

max. 5 people

BBQ knife


  • pre-made knife blanks from farriers rasp already hardened and tempered
  • tweaking design
  • grinding bevels
  • making handle scales

This one-day course does not involve forging but instead focuses on grinding and finishing a full tang knife. Extra handle material options available at extra cost

max. 5 people

Chefs knife


  • design your knife
  • forging knife blank
  • prepping handle
  • hardening
  • grinding bevels
  • glue up
  • finishing handle

This 2-day course will take you through forging on day 1, hardening your blade. I will temper the knife between days. Day 2 will be grinding the knife and fitting the hidden tang handle. more exclusive handle materials are included.

max. 4 people

Forging bottle-openers or keychains


  • basics into forging
  • learning techniques
  • leave with some cool forged items

This half-day course takes you through the basics of forging, learning how to move metal one step at a time, twisting, grinding, and chiseling to create cool unique items.

max. 6 people

Damascus chefs knife


  • prepping Damascus billet
  • forge welding and stacking layers
  • grinding/twisting pattern
  • forging knife blank
  • making hidden tang handle

This 3-day course will take you down the rabbit hole of making your very own Damascus kitchen knife. making a ladder pattern or a twist Damascus chef’s knife of your own design from start to finish. best come prepared to rock and roll

max. 3 people

Custom course


If you have a unique or special idea you can always contact me to work out a custom plan and work towards your goals.