What I do

I have been making knives through the stock-removal method since 2017, I started forging in 2018 and now I make knives, swords and axes in my small shop. every single thing I make is a one-off.

How I do it

I build most of my own equipment, this way I get a better understanding of the machines and tools I work with. Not only does it increase my general skillset but gives me more joy in creating my art

Where I live

This little village in the middle of the Netherlands, 12 feet under sea level called Biddinghuizen is what I call home and is also where I currently work. there are no traditional blacksmiths locally as this area has only been above the surface for about 70 years

My Motto: Ain’t Stupid If It Works.

Custom Cutlery

Every single piece I make is one of a kind, even when asked to make several of a single type of blade there will be a personal touch to each and every one of them. Making them unique. However, I will not reproduce my own work without the explicit approval of the original owner so your work will always remain unique.

Swords and Axes

Besides knives, I always dedicate one day a week to a larger project. this includes but is not limited to: swords, axes, machetes and tools.

How Twitch Started, the whole story.

Michael (Wazzyl) told me it should be great to stream my content and my reply was “Why should I stream my creations?” all he replied was it would be epic to see your work on streams. So he told me about a platform called Twitch and I checked it and I thought it was a gaming platform for streamers only. So I said no thank you why should I stream on a gaming platform? little did i know There is a community at makers & crafters” and so I checked it out and loved the community, the people over there are so friendly and creative and I thought let’s try to stream on Twitch, so couple days later Michael figured I was streaming on twitch and then the journey started, from that day all my knifemaking is broadcasted live. this gives people the chance to watch their own custom creation come to life!

If you like to see my work on Twitch click here